lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Joining a project

It was a pleasure when I received an email from Bill R, Global Coalition webmaster and teacher of Bethlehem Central School in Upstate New York. He wrote to me to join his project and I did. We started exchanging emails among our students, then we started to speak over skype and also exchanged letters, videos of our schools, posters. It was fun to be able to see their school and some other schools in the world. We also did some newscast and as my students'English was very basic, we just wrote the news together on the blackboard and then typed it in an email, his students then recorded Argentina's news.
We worked together for many years and we really had fun, students enjoyed the experience very much and learnt a lot about other people in the world.

Eventually, we became good friends and I met him when I was in New York in 2008, he met us at the airport, toured us around New York city, got lost in Brooklyn and had dinner at Carmine's.It was incredible to meet him!!!

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